Skype 6 now available for Mac and Windows

An upgrade was released for the widely used telecommunication client Skype earlier this week for Windows as well as OSX. The upgrade packs in a variety of new features and fixes, many of which are made exclusive to Windows users. Apart from the addons, the update also includes individual adjustments for both the platforms ensuring better quality calls and lesser crashes as reported by users earlier.

skype update

The ability to sign up using Facebook or Microsoft accounts has been added to this version, minimizing the time required for the initial setup of an account for using the Skype service. The company also announced that they will integrate Windows Live Messenge, Hotmail and Outlook into this update which will allow their users to use these IM clients from within their desktop software. The upcoming versions will even allow users to make Skype calls using Windows Live Messenger.

The Windows client experienced a new user interface and new telemetry. With the addition of six new languages – Thai, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, Catalan and Slovak, the total tongue count has reached 38. Skype now supports Retina display, which is a great considering Apple just launched their 13-inch Macbook with Retina display.