Sponsored: Innovative design and amazing battery life in one tablet

When it comes to buying a tablet, there’s never one thing that we want above all else – we want the tablet that can do it all and then some.

However with so many of today’s options there’s a compromise, and often it’s to do with the battery. Want a great design at a decent price? Fine, but you’ll have to put up with it dying after a few hours’ use.

Or if you’re all about the power, then you’ll have to put up with a chunky beast that chucks aesthetics in favour of sticking a huge battery in there.

Thankfully a better way is here: the Lenovo Yoga Tablet. Available in two screen sizes (8- and 10-inch), this tablet brings a strong, innovative design as well as a whopping 18 hour battery life, double that of some competitors.

YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQRp9FPvFF0

And that design, with a unique hinge, offers so much more than beautiful lines – with its three modes, your tablet can handle whatever life throws at it. Tilt mode is perfect for browsing the web, bringing the perfect angle to let your finger glide across the HD screen. Hold mode offers a great ergonomic grip, akin to holding a magazine, and allows easy one hand use for social networking, reading ebooks or flicking through friends’ photos.

And Stand mode makes the Yoga Tablet into a brilliant multimedia device, with the adjustable hinge giving you the very best viewing angle on the HD IPS screen.

But here’s the thing: nobody likes to be midway through a movie marathon and have to be reaching for the charger, which is where the Yoga Tablet’s 18-hour battery life comes into play. Thanks to clever design allowing the battery to be enhanced using the cylindrical hinge, the Yoga Tablet offers battery life that similar slates just can’t match.

YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umk49MNprCU

For instance: imagine you want to catch up with the best of last night’s TV. Thanks to rocking Android 4.2, you can download anything from 4OD to BBC iPlayer, and stream a world of content on the go.

However, streaming video (especially at high quality, which you’ll want to on this tablet) usually sees your battery life dying far sooner than you’d like. But with the Yoga Tablet you can catch up on a few episodes of your latest shows and still have plenty of battery power left to read a few ebooks, have a video chat with friends or check out your upcoming schedule, and with optional 3G HSPA+ connectivity, you’ll never have to worry about being out of range of Wi-Fi.

Perhaps you’re a gamer though? And anyone that’s used a smartphone or tablet for gaming will know that great visuals come at a cost to the power.

Don’t worry about that here though, as you can rifle through loads of laps of the addictive Real Racing 3 or shoot your way through a few levels of Modern Combat 4 and still not have to worry about being able to finish your day thanks to the ultra-long battery life on offer with the Yoga Tablet.

So the choice is simple: if you want a slate that can power its way through all manner of tasks and still be standing come bed time, you’ll want something with the battery life you deserve – and the Yoga Tablet can deliver just that. Check out this great tablet at lenovo.com/yogatablet, where you can find out more and purchase a Yoga product from a Lenovo UK retailer.