Still the One: Updated HTC One rumored for March release

Still the One: Updated HTC One rumored for March release

Apparently hoping to avoid the possibility of crude jokes being made by calling their next-generation handset the number Two, HTC is rumored to be prepping yet another variation of its flagship handset for early 2014.

Bloomberg today reported there could be a new HTC One on the way in the coming weeks which will retain the well-received exterior design but potentially offer some welcome component changes inside.

The most notable change is a screen said to measure "at least five inches," according to an unnamed source familiar with the Taiwanese manufacturer’s plans.

Powered by a more recent flavor of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor, the 2014 HTC One will reportedly be slightly larger than the 4.7-inch display on the current One model, but smaller than the HTC One Max at 5.9 inches.

Wonder twins

One area HTC appears to be targeting for improvement aside from the display is the Ultrapixel camera, which is designed to take higher resolution images with a lower megapixel count.

Bloomberg’s source claims HTC is planning to use twin sensors on the rear-facing camera, which "will provide better focus, depth of field and image quality" when it launches in late March.

Despite critical acclaim for last year’s HTC One, the smartphone maker has floundered in the market against the might of South Korean rival Samsung, currently the 300-pound gorilla of Android handsets.

HTC may need more than just a refreshed One handset to stave off the competition, as the big-screen HTC One Max failed to make stem the tide of losses in the company’s second quarter earnings.

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