This was Google and Motorola’s Prototype Smartwatch love child

This was Google and Motorola's Prototype Smartwatch love child

Motorola might not be a part of Google anymore but its legacy continues with a newly revealed images of the smartwatch it had in the works.

Android Police got its hands on some new revealing pictures showing the Motorola prototype smartwatch that’s now destined to never become a real product. According to an anonymous source, the alleged Google Watch was codenamed Gem and would have fallen into the Nexus category of devices.

The model in the pictures is believed to be a 2013 version of the prototype. While it’s likely the final product, if it ever came out, would have had significantly final hardware and software differences; this early version still gives us an early peek at what could have been.

It could have been a contender

At first glance it seems the Google Watch would have looked almost like a regular large faced timepiece with a rubberized band similar to the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2. Elsewhere on the face of the watch we can see a capacitive back button just below the screen followed by a physical button on the side.

Above the screen there’s also a dual button rocker featuring the image of a microphone and running human figure. From this we can inference that the watch would have supported taking calls as well as an dedicated activity-tracking mode.

From the menu on the screen we can see it was still a developer model device, but it also mentions a curious "3 Bit mode Apps." 3 bits could refer to a number of things including a 3-bit color mode for the seemingly monochromatic screen or it might refer to lower-resolution way of displaying applications for using up less power.

It will be interesting if this feature crops back up on a future Google smartwatch, but for now we can only take random guesses as to what 3-bit mode means.

Current rumors suggest we might see a Google branded wearable device made by LG just in time for Google I/O. It will be exciting to see these rumors come to fruition, but until then stay tuned to this space for more Google Watch developments.

  • This Google smartwatch might never happen but that doesn’t mean Motorola is quitting the wearable space