Twitch drops in with Titanfall to the Xbox One on March 11

Twitch drops in with Titanfall to the Xbox One on March 11

After a long delay Twitch live streaming is finally coming to the Xbox One on March 11.

Microsoft and Twitch announced that live steaming is coming to the Xbox One on the same day as Titanfall’s release. When the newly updated app drops in few weeks, players will be able to shout "Xbox, Broadcast" to instantly start live streaming.

On top of broadcasting all the heavy metal action, Twitch has updated the viewing experience on the next gen console. Users will soon get notifications whenever their friends start broadcasting.

Alternatively, viewing anyone’s live stream opens up options to leave a chat message. Users can also view the broadcaster’s profile, and from here live stream viewers can start following the, send them a party request, and join their game.

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Previously, Twitch integration on the PS4 helped propel the live streaming giant to 1 million users. Since arriving with live streaming capabilities, the pool of PS4 Twitch broadcasters has ballooned from 100,000 to over 200,000 in just a few months.

YouTube :

So far Xbox One owners have patiently been awaiting the ability to broadcast their live gameplay sessions.

One additional thing Microsoft’s implementation has over Sony’s is 10 viewing achievements. These achievements are tied to simply watching copious amounts of videogame entertainment ranging anywhere from one hour to a whole nights worth of broadcasts in one sitting.

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