Unreal Engine 4 ported to Firefox for epic gaming on the web

Unreal Engine 4 ported to Firefox for epic gaming on the web

Epic and Mozilla have announced their porting Unreal Engine 4 to the web.

Leading up to Firefox UE4 demonstrations at the Game Developers Conference, Mozilla showed an early preview of the game engine working with its web browser. In the demonstration you can see Epic’s Soul and Swing Ninja demos running almost as if they were running on computer hardware instead of streaming over the web

The web browser maker said video games built with the engine would be easily ported to the Web. More importantly, this feature could allow gamers to play their favorite titles while they’re away from their high-powered gaming rigs or Xbox One and PS4.

Crank it up

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2uNDlP4RiE

Mozilla and Epic’s latest demonstration builds on the port of Unreal Engine 3 on Firefox showed at last year’s GDC.

Mozilla managed to pull off this feat by running the C and C++ code games are written in through an Emscripten compiler. This process converts the complex programming into asm.js code, a supercharged subset of JavaScript pioneered created by Mozilla, that can run on any browser.

Over the last year, Mozilla claims it has optimized the performance of web applications using asm.js from 40% to 67% native speed, or as if they were running on the user’s own hardware.

Web developed games

"This technology has reached a point where games users can jump into via a Web link are now almost indistinguishable from ones they might have had to wait to download and install," Brendan Eich, CTO and SVP of Engineering at Mozilla, said in a release.

The hope is this initial debut will help bring popular gaming titles to the web after showing developers the power and opportunities browsers can provide.

Mozilla and Epic will be showing off their web powered games at GDC, so stay tuned for our first impressions of Unreal Engine 4 on Firefox.

  • Web browser gaming is going to need a rock solid connection so check your Internet speed