Updated: Benchmark leak has HTC One (M8) squashing Samsung Galaxy S5

Updated: Benchmark leak has HTC One (M8) squashing Samsung Galaxy S5

Update: Indeed, the HTC One (M8) certainly is shaping up to be a powerful phone.

New benchmarking results courtesy of Rightware (via GSM Arena) once again show the new HTC flagship taking it to the competition. It bested the best in the all-round Basemark OS II bench and the graphics-intensive Basemark X.

It’s web browser marks weren’t as high, though.

We should have official specs available when HTC announces the HTC One (M8) Tuesday.

Original story below…

We might have already seen the All New HTC One in all its glory, from the dual-camera sensors to every inch of its all-metal unibody. But now we’re getting our first potential look at what it can actually do on the processing front.

Newly posted photos on Weibo have revealed some scintillating new angles of the phone. But most intriguing, the new images give us some AnTuTu benchmarks that show what the new HTC flagship can do with its rumored 2.26GHz quad-core chip.

According to the results, the New HTC One clocks in at 38,000 points. This score beats out most of its rivals already on the market as well as the newly revealed Samsung Galaxy S5, which racked up a score of 35,666.

Anonymous parties performed both benchmarks before the smartphones respective reveals, so we’ll have to take the numbers with a grain of salt.

Feeling the need for speed

HTC One 2, HTC M8, benchmarks, rumors, early reports, smartphones, processing power, AnTuTu, NewstrackIt’s still early in the smartphone season and with each new phone the standard that this year’s crop of smartphones will have to meet is moving up.

From the looks of it, new 64-bit chips and snappier quad-core chips are passing older processors in the slow lane.

AnTuTu benchmarks for the original HTC One came in at 22,678 points, according to GSM Arena.

The same site recorded the more recent LG G Flex with an AnTuTu score of 33,336.

Of course, benchmarks aren’t the only way to judge the quality of a phone, but they do give us an early look at a handset’s prowess.

We’ll find out how much of this high benchmark score translates into blinding fast speed when we get our hands on the New HTC One March 25.

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