Updated: Nokia X release date, news and rumors

Updated: Nokia X release date, news and rumors

Nokia X release date and OS

It started out as a pie-in-the-sky rumor: Nokia is making an Android device. Surely not, given the Finnish firm has only recently been acquired by software giant (and the Windows Phone peddling) Microsoft. So why would Nokia jump into bed with the enemy?

While many eyebrows were raised, and eyes rolled, when news of the Nokia X first took to the web (under the moniker Normandy), the sheer deluge of leaks have added more and more credibility to the handset’s existence.

There are differing opinions to the name it will officially launch under though. In the red corner you have seasoned mobile leaker @evleaks claiming "Project Normandy = Nokia X", while in the blue there’s a new Twitter player @NextLeaks who reckons "Nokia Asha 4xx = Nokia Normandy".

However going by the volume of leaks surrounding the "Nokia X" name that’s the one we’re inclined to believe.

Cut to the chase
What is it? Nokia’s first smartphone to run Google’s Android OS
When is it out? All eyes are on MWC 2014
What will it cost? Not a lot, around £70/$110/AU$120

Nokia X release date and price

Most Nokia X rumors are currently highlighting MWC 2014 in Barcelona as the platform for the Nokia Android smartphone to make its international appearance.

Nokia has a press conference confirmed for February 24, and all eyes will be on the Finnish firm to see if the Android Normandy handset does indeed exist.

We’ve even had Nokia tease us about the Nokia X’s launch, as it’s revealed images of tress, monkeys, UFOs, and treasure maps – with "X" references scattered throughout.

Nokia X - Teaser

It’s not clear when, or even if, you’ll be able to get your hands on the Nokia X, as its low-end credentials means it could be destined for emerging markets only – skipping the likes of the UK, US and Australia.

With low-end specs comes an equally low-end price, so you can expect the Nokia X to be a pretty affordable – if hard to come by – Android device, with figures of £70/$110/AU$120 being thrown around.

Here’s what we reckon the Nokia X should look like:

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtERIbk7N-E

Nokia X operating system

The signal biggest feature on the Nokia X will be its operating system. Nokia is heavily invested in the Windows Phone platform for its Lumia range, while its Asha devices run its own, in-house Asha OS.

The Nokia Normandy isn’t expected to run either of these, instead opting for Google’s Android operating system – albeit a hugely modified version.

We’ve seen numerous screen grabs appear online, claiming to show the Android setup on the Nokia X, with many drawing more comparisons with Windows Phone or the defunct MeeGo platform rather than its supposed Android base.

The first screens to appear don’t give a great deal away, but the more detailed lockscreen notifications, an Android style dialer app and a Google-esque notifications bar hint that the Nokia X is packing a different, Google-flavored, OS.

Nokia Normandy - LEAK

Then came a snap claiming to show the app list on Nokia Normandy – and this has an air of MeeGo about it as well as a similar notification bar to the previous screens.

Nokia X

The most detailed screenshots to date however come via @evleaks, and show what appears to be a long, vertical, scrollable homescreen made up of various live-tile esque boxes and application icons.

Some of the apps which appear in these screens (e.g. BBM and Plants vs. Zombies 2) are not currently available on the Windows Phone store, but do exist on Google Play, once again pointing towards an Android influence for the Nokia X.

Nokia Normandy - LEAK

Nokia X screen, design and specs

Nokia X screen

Don’t go expecting an expansive, 5-inch full HD display here; the Nokia X is set to keep things low key.

The Nokia Android phone is tipped to sport a middle of the road 4-inch display with a mediocre 480 x 854 resolution.

This tallies with the leaked image in the previous section, supposedly showing the dinky looking Nokia Normandy being held in a hand.

Nokia X design

As well as the leaked screenshots we’ve also seen pictures revealing the design of the Nokia X, and it’s on course to be more of the same from the Finnish firm.

A unibody design in a range of bright colors appears to be the status quo at Nokia at the moment and the Normandy seems to be almost identical to the firm’s latest range of Asha smartphones.

Nokia Normandy - LEAK

The Normandy has also been teased by Twitter leaker @Vizileaks, who posted the following snap online with the "and the waiting game begins…" – oh, you tease.

There’s no way to be sure any of these snaps are legit as they are all missing vital Google/Android branding/screens.

Nokia Normandy - LEAK

One particular leak from @evleaks shows six color options (green, white, yellow, blue, red and black) as well as a single key below the screen – the same as the Nokia Asha 503.

Nokia Normandy - LEAK

If that wasn’t enough in terms of colors, a picture of an orange handset claiming to be the Nokia X has also appeared online – although even the site that picked it up said "authenticity [of the images] is far from proven."

Nokia X - LEAK

We’ve also seen photos apparently showing the Nokia X on and working, revealing Here Maps will be included on the device, and potentially pointing towards a lack of Google’s own suite of apps such as Maps and the Play Store.

Nokia X - LEAK

Nokia X specs

In terms of other specs the Android toting Nokia Normandy is tipped to sport a 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, Adreno 302 GPU and 512MB of RAM – hardly worth writing home about, but once again it reinforces the "budget" angle.

Round the back the Normandy will apparently feature a 5MP snapper capable of 720p HD video capture, but there doesn’t appear to be any front facing option.

Word of 4GB of internal storage is also rather disappointing (especially as the operating system will take up chunk of it), but the Nokia Normandy will also rock a microSD card slot according to a spec list leak.

For any battery fans out there the Nokia X will apparently pack in a 1500mAh juice pack, which should be more than enough to keep the average screen and processor chugging along.