What To Consider When Buying A New Phone

When you want a new phone, it can be all too easy to give into impulse and hand over large amounts of money for the latest model. Yet, it’s never wise to give into impulses, especially when large amounts of money are involved. That said, a newer phone can offer its own benefits, so there is the more complicated question of deciding whether or not the right time to buy a new phone is now.

 This is much easier to understand if it’s broken down into different factors. This includes the cost, the actual usefulness of the phone as well as related areas, such as the added benefits of mobile phone recycling for your old phone. All these considerations should help give a better idea of whether a new phone is the right choice for you.


A phone, despite all its flashy gadgetry, is still a financial investment. Understanding the cost of a phone will help determine whether it’s feasible.

Buying a phone outright is a big cost to pay but, after this, it’s only the running costs that you have to worry about. Whenever considering purchasing a new phone, always look at your tariff and network and make sure you are on a system which works for you. Changing this at the same time as your handset could prove financially beneficial if handled correctly.

Additionally, this is all relative to your finances and whether you’re comfortable paying a given amount for a phone. If you’re someone who appreciates technology and your gadgets, then the money may be more easily justified than if you just want a basic phone capable of making phone calls in emergency situations.


Cost aside, you also need to decide what you want from your phone. The modern market is full of similar models, each with their own features and benefits. The result of this is an unparalleled amount of choice.

This means you shouldn’t just go for the biggest name or most expensive phone. Look at the actual specifications; do you want a camera, decent internet browsing or media storage? Figure out what you want from your next phone then find a model that suits your needs rather than bending your needs to suit the phone.

The old phone

The chances are this isn’t your first phone so you will often have an older handset lying around. This shouldn’t be viewed as an expandable item but rather as an asset.

Mobile phone recycling from firms such as Music Magpie exists to take old phones and gadgets and put them to good use. These give you a cash sum for the items you recycle; money which can then be used to help finance the purchase of a new phone, for example. This means you are able to help them environment whilst boosting your finances: a win-win situation.