Xbox One day one buyers report faulty drives and mysterious discs

Xbox One day one buyers report faulty drives and mysterious discs

The Xbox One has finally launched, but unfortunately for Microsoft and its fans this day hasn’t gone off without a hitch.

Day one Xbox One buyers are reporting a variety of issues with the hardware they purchased at the console’s midnight launch and on the morning of its release.

Those problems range from critical errors with software updates to scratched consoles and faulty headsets and disc drives, according to reports given to and compiled by IGN and

We asked Microsoft for a response to these reports, and we’ll update here when we hear back.

Making light

Alleged issues with day one Xbox One hardware include a headset that emits nothing but static, a console trapped in an endless loop of crashing and rebooting, and disc drives that won’t read or install games.

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Users posted the above videos, which appear to show the Xbox One making some alarming noises before failing to read discs like Call of Duty: Ghosts and, amusingly, a Rage Against the Machine CD.

Some frustrated customers have taken to Twitter to complain directly to Microsoft’s @Xbox account, responding to normal tweets with messages like, "lol yeah too bad my disc drive doesn’t work" (Microsoft recommended that user get in touch with @XboxSupport).

Elsewhere, on the 4 million subscribers strong video games subdivision of Reddit, a user reportedly opened his brand new Xbox One console to find a Microsoft test disc inside.

Another user responded, making light of the Xbox One’s launch day woes, by claiming that he had found a 13-year-old Nintendo 64 game in his PC disc tray today.

xbox one test disc

This issues could well prove to be isolated, and they in now way indicate that the Xbox One suffers from a widespread malfunction like the Xbox 360’s notorious red ring of death.

Then again, by its very nature (it was caused by overheating consoles) that red ring surfaced only months after the console’s launch.

Let’s be fair

The PS4, which launched last week, had its fair share of launch issues as well.

Thankfully, Sony was quick to respond. The company said that fewer than 1 percent of PS4 consoles were affected, and that that’s within its expectations for a new product launch.

As of launch day, Sony was working with consumers to replace their faulty consoles.

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