Xbox One stereo headset looks slick but lacks the PS4’s blue spark

Xbox One stereo headset looks slick but lacks the PS4's blue spark

Sony fired first, but now Microsoft is retaliating in the next all-important round of the console war: who has the best headset?

Microsoft’s Xbox One cans might be missing the colourful lick of their PS4 counterpart, but we don’t imagine that will be a dealbreaker. You’ll still have a 20Hz-20kHz range, a unidirectional microphone and over-the-ear speakers.

The headset also comes with a detachable adapter rocking all your volume buttons – essential when some 14-year-old Call of Duty player turns their attention to verbally bashing your parents.

The headset costs £59.99 ($80, about AU$90) and the stereo headset adapter will also be available separately for £19.99 ($25, about AU$28). Microsoft tells us both will be on sale "early March".

  • Perhaps you fancy an Xbox One to go with that fancy new Xbox One headset. Just a thought.