Xbox One was the big winner on Black Friday, but does it really mean anything?

Xbox One was the big winner on Black Friday, but does it really mean anything?

Microsoft’s new Xbox One console scooped up 31 per cent of all console sales at US big box stores Walmart and Target on Black Friday, according to figures published this weekend.

The Xbox One was the top dog, closely followed by its forebear the Xbox 360 which netted 30 per cent of sales thanks to some mega doorbuster deals on the traditional American shopping holiday.

The Sony PS3 earned the bronze medal with 15 per cent of sales, according to InfoScout, while the new Sony PS4 also took a 15 per cent slice of the pumpkin pie.

While, on the face of things, this looks like a big loss for Sony who’s console is cheaper than Microsoft’s, it’s difficult to read too much into the figures.

Can’t buy it if you can’t find it

Firstly, Sony’s console has been hampered by a lack of availability since its launch in the US on November 15. The company shifted over 1 million units in the first 24 hours, but since then the next-gen devices has been pretty hard to come by.

Secondly, as the device has been on sale a week longer than Microsoft’s stateside, it’s possible that the equivalent early adopters buying an Xbox One on Black Friday may have already picked up their PS4.

While the Sony PS4 vs Xbox One war won’t be decided by occasions such as Black Friday, it’s difficult not to worry for Nintendo’s Wii U, now in its second year on sale.

InfoScout’s data showed the Wii U picking up 6 per cent of sales, amid very few decent Black Friday deals. The 6-year old Wii, on the other hand, nabbed 5 per cent.