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We are always looking for new Contributors and Guest Authors at Boundbytech. We have now made the process much simpler for authors to submit their content and guest posts directly up for revision from our editors.

Three steps to Become a Contributor and submit Guest Posts

1. Register at Boundbytech

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2. Contact Us

Contact us, providing us with your Registered Email address and Username along with a short pitch and the topic of the contributing article.

If we consider the topic for submission, we will change the Role of your profile to a ‘Contributor’, so you can post as many articles as you wish up for revision from our editors.
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3. Congratulations! You are now an Official Contributor

Now, you are an official contributor at Boundbytech. Start posting as many articles as you’d wish to submit it up for revision.
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Thanks a lot for taking interest in becoming an official contributor at Boundbytech. We will be sad to decline a post because of its quality or other purposes. So, to avoid the case, it would be better for you to follow our set of guidelines to get the post accepted sooner. We’re looking for guest posts that present new ideas, fresh perspectives, and innovative approaches. We like to present readers with ideas that haven’t been covered elsewhere on the web.

No Reminder Emails Please

Once you have submitted a post at Boundbytech, please be patient . It may take anything from 2 Days to 5 Days to review your post, depending on the number of requests and Guest Posts. In the meantime, please don’t keep on sending us reminder emails about the guest post you have recently submitted. We will try our level best to get your post online as soon as possible.

Guest Post Submission Checklist

Make sure it

  • Conveys something valuable, good in quality and practical content.
  • Exclusivity is expected from you. We hope that posts submitted at Boundbytech, remain exclusive to Boundbytech.
  • Does not Infringe any copyright laws.

Topic Guidelines

Boundbytech accepts posts over a wide range of topics. Some of the Topics best suited to Boundbytech’s audience and community include:

  • Technology News
  • How-To’s and Practical Tips
  • Social Media
  • Gaming
  • Gadget reviews
  • Mockups
  • General Tech-related Articles

Post Formatting

It would be great if you submit the post following our Post Formatting Guidelines.

  • Wrap Headings in <H2> tags and Subheadings in <H3> tags.
  • Do NOT include your affiliate links in the Guest Post.
  • You can Maximum 2 Links to your chosen articles.
  • Images should not be wider than 600px and make sure you own the copyrights of the images included in the post.
  • We won’t accept posts that contain calls to action.
  • Post Length : Post length is not a big priority. As long as you try to convey your message, any length is perfect. Minimum word count would be 300 Words.
  • Editing: The submitted post would not be heavily edited. Some minor Title and headings could be edited.

So, Why the Wait? Become a Contributor

This is all you need to know about becoming a contributor at Boundbytech. So, Why the wait?! Become a Contributor right now.