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Detox My Mac Review

Detox My Mac Review

Detox My Mac

Detox My Mac


10.0 /10

Easy of Use

9.5 /10

Cost Effectiveness

10.0 /10


9.5 /10


  • Easy To Use
  • Free Updates
  • Removes Irrelevant Files
  • Speeds Up Mac

A lot of our readers requested a Detox My Mac Review and so we decided to do one. It is one of the easiest to use applications on the market which will speed up your mac instantly by cleaning it.

Detox My Mac Review

Detox my mac is a mac software cleaner application. By using Detox my mac you can clean your mac’s registry and achieve maximum capacity and optimum performance. The application is designed to clean up junk and free all the memory. Most of the times, detox my mac also clears the threats in the junk which the owners are usually unaware.

Detox My Mac Review

A well done cleanup clears up all the junk files from the system and creates additional space. This leads to a faster performing system as well. This software has been in the market since 2012, created by the same team of developers who successfully launched Detox My PC sometime back.

Detox My Mac is well designed and has a clean user interface. For eg, it appears in a macbook has a checkbox in the menu. It comprises of a detox option, a check box menu and a detox scan.

When you have decided the specific area you want to scan, you can choose it. You can select the drives, data, files, folders, etc… that you want to scan. The selection process starts as soon as you hit the scan button. The application then compares the different files and the respective memory that they require. Then it continues to find the different files required for the mac software and excludes them.

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Detox My Mac Review – Features

Detox my mac review has gained a lot of traction in the market and has become very popular. The low prices of the pro version makes this one of the cheapest softwares used by professionals because of the various features it has.

Detox Application Leftovers

This process is done to increase the performance speed by freeing up memory which is achieved by uninstalling unused applications and removing them from the system completely. Leftovers which might comprise files and other settings which are removed by the leftover application in Detox My Mac and no trace of the older files or folders are left.

Detox Unused Languages

A lot of disc space can be saved and freed by removing languages that have been unused for a long duration of time. Detox my mac does exactly this for the users and helps in optimizing the performance of their macbooks. This is one of the main features we liked in our Detox My Mac review.

Detox Trashes and Downloads

One of the best features of our Detox my mac review is that it automatically clears trash kept in the can for a long time and frees up the space. It also automatically deletes files that might have been downloaded multiple times by mistake and saves the users time which they would’ve spent in comparing files individually.

Detox Cache Files

When cache files get cluttered, they slow down the computer. Not many of us practice regular cache cleaning. For those of us who practice it, even then there is no guarantee of 100% cache removal. The detox my mac app clears the system from all the cluttered cache thereby providing a better browsing experience and also better responsiveness from the system.

Detox History and Archives

For most of the people deleting history and archives is not a regular work. This is because history and archives of recently browsed webpages provides for the faster browsing experience the next time. However, if not deleted over a long period of time, they take away the optimized speed of processing and slows down the browser.

Detox My Mac cleans up the history and archives which are not used by the owner for long time and thereby increases the performance.

Detox Logs, Reports and More

While working, a lot of times files and applications have errors. Our computer records these errors in the logs which takes up memory as well. Detox My Mac clears the system of any such logs and speeds it up further.

Detox My Mac is one of the most pocket friendly software that offers all the features you require to optimize your macbooks. Having said that, we can compare a few pros and cons to finalize your buying decision in our Detox My Mac review.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Removes irrelevant and unused files from the system
  • Works on OS X 10.5 and all its successors
  • It gets free and regular updates
  • The software license is transferable


  • Although Detox My Mac removes all the junk and redundant files, it cannot close down any unused processes because it cannot access the RAM. It cannot clean them or delete them.

Detox My Mac Review – Final Verdict

Detox My Mac is currently considered as one of its kind advanced cleaner. It is packed with features and functions that provide high performance to Mac users. It’s UI and UX is a standard setter for most of the registry cleaners.

In comparison to any other registry cleaner in the market, Detox My Mac stands out with its breakthrough speed which is unheard off and faster than all others in the market. In addition, the application guarantees more disc space, better responsiveness, more accurate performance and a longer life span for your hard disk and system.

This is certainly an application that beats all of its competitors. It is also very affordable and comes in one package. We hope our Detox My Mac review helped you and we recommend you to go ahead with the Pro version to see the results for yourself.

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