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Gryphon Hack Protected Wifi Router Review

Gryphon Secure Wifi Router Review

Gryphon Wifi Router




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The Internet is probably one of the most important things in our day to day life. Without having proper internet access, we would literally be cut-off from the outside world and that could very well prove to be a modern nightmare. We literally can not imagine living without internet and that probably is a fair indicator of how important it has become in our lives.

But as our reliance on internet grows with each passing day, security has also become a big issue. With so much of our data online, a lot of which contains crucial information about us, it is only natural to worry t the security being compromised. It is hence very essential to protect against hackers and cyber thieves who might be trying to steal your private data.

Gryphon Hack Protected Wifi Router Review

Hack Protect Wifi Router is a great product in this regards which provides increased protection to you. It is a security-focused router that apart from providing the basic functionality reinforces the security aspect and aims to provide a safer internet experience for you. Read on for our full review of the product.



The Gryphon Secure Router comes in a striking twisted tower design which separates it from the other boring boxy designs on the market. It keeps things simple with a matte-white finish throughout and a minimalistic appeal to it. The device may seem a little bulky but it actually fits in well once you start using it. The dimensions measures 4.3 x  4.3 x 9 inches and weighs 1.01 lbs. The front, sides and top are plain with all the ports etc. placed on the back.



Plug and Go system with Dedicated App

The device is very easy to hook on to your network. Just power it up and you are good to go. As you add more nodes, they are seamlessly integrated into the network. The initial setup is also very simple and easy with a step by step guide provided in the product app. The app also makes it extremely easy to manage your network from your smartphone itself.

Smart Mesh Network

Being a mesh network device, it offers you enhanced reliability and performance compared to the traditional setup. Traffic is handled extremely well and device downtime is minimised massively. No matter what kind of task you are at, you are always well served by the network. Be it 4k video streaming or online gaming, the Gryphon Router can handle it all.

Gryphon Hack Protected Wifi Router Review

Class-Leading Security and Safety

It provides additional security and makes the web much more safer thanks to its focus on security. It has features like parental control which allows you to restrict access to sites that may not be appropriate for children. You can then rest assured in the knowledge that your child won’t bump into content you wouldn’t want him to. Other features include content filtering, browsing history monitoring, access time limitations, safe search, safe youtube etc.


Technical Specs

Brand                                     Gryphon
Overall Throughput                3Gbps
WiFi mesh technology            Yes
x4 MU-MIMO                          Yes
AC3000                                  Yes
Simultaneous tri-band            Yes
Wifi technology                       802.11 b/g/n/AC
Operating Frequencies           2.4 GHz and 5GHz
Gigabit LAN ports                   3
Dimensions                            4.3 x 4.3 x 9 inches
Weight                                    1.01 lbs
Color                                       White



The Gryphon Secure Router seems a fantastic option for families and businesses alike. The device focuses on security and does its job really well. Thanks to that it is an enticing option for both commercial users as well as domestic users. Being a mesh network device means you’ll  be fully utilising its potential only when you use multiple nodes, which will be required if the area to be covered is large.

If that is the case with you, then it definitely makes sense to ditch the traditional router-extender combo in favour of the more advanced and better mesh network system. It will not only keep your network safe but also make it future-proof. The bottomline here is, if safety is of prime importance and you have a large area to cover then the Gryphon Secure Router is the perfect choice for you.

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