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Playtraffic Review

Playtraffic Review

Playtraffic is a new one-of-a-kind software that allows Youtube marketers to create playlists, do keyword research and find out the hottest topics at the click of a button. It greatly improved the youtubers efficiency and effectiveness and helps them reach a wider audience with the help of the Playtraffic software. Today we will do a Playtraffic review in detail.

What is Playtraffic?

Youtube is the number one place to be when looking for engaging content and videos because each day there are billions of searches for the platform, looking for different kinds of videos. Be it recipes, tutorials, vlogs or any other kind of videos, people consider Youtube to be the top channel and thus it has the highest market share.

Each and every youtuber tries to implement different techniques to increase their video views. This is important since it will ultimately lead to more subscribers, more views and more profits. Thus, the goal for every youtuber is to attain the maximum views that they can. For bigger and more established accounts, this is a simple task since they already have an established audience. But for smaller accounts who have just started, it becomes difficult to get decent traction and gain more views. This is where our Playtraffic review comes in.

Playtraffic has identified a trick in the game which has helped it’s users increase their views by large numbers. The main feature of Playtraffic is to generate auto playlists to keep the users hooked onto the videos and thus, increase the views for all your videos at once. It also allows you to manage multiple channels. Playtraffic is a smart software which also does keyword research for you and helps you gain the maximum views on your Youtube videos by using the relevant keywords. In today’s Playtraffic review, we will look at this software in details and discuss it’s features.

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How Does Playtraffic Work?

Playtraffic get’s the attention of youtubers for two main reasons. Firsly, it has the ability to create automated playlists, that too in multiple numbers. This reduces the effort to create manual playlists and automates the process. Secondly, Playtraffic ensures a steady flow of views across all your videos which will help youtubers in the long term. Below we will discuss the main features of Playtraffic review:

Dashboard: The dashboard displays all the channels connected to your account shows the playlists that are being created on a day to day basis. It is neatly laid out and very user friendly.

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Keyword Search: This features allows marketers to find the best keywords which has high search volume and are related to their videos. Including these keywords in the videos will greatly help to reach higher search rankings and ultimately get more views on videos.

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Video Playlists: The playlists feature allows you to automatically create playlists on the basis on the keywords and titles you select. This gives you channel more exposure and puts it in front of millions of users.

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Scheduled Publishing: You can choose to publish your videos at a specified time. Just enter the date and time you want to publish them and the software will automatically publish it at the scheduled time. It does not require any intervention from your end.

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Powerful Reporting: This function of Playtraffic identifies the problems in your videos and gives valuable suggestions. These suggestions can be implemented by you to improve the quality score of your videos.

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Multi-Channels: Playtraffic supports unlimited channels. This means that you can connect as many Youtube channels as you want to the software and work on them simultaneously.

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Who Should Use Playtraffic?

Playtraffic is recommend for all Youtubers and marketers who wish to gain more popularity for their videos. Be it small business owners or established vloggers, Playtraffic will help everyone improve the quality of their content and significantly increase the views they get. We recommend buying the software to the following people:

  • Offline Businesses: By increasing their reach, offline businesses can get more calls and leads for their products and ultimately turn this investment into multifold profits for their business.
  • Affiliate Marketers: They can use the power of this software to reach a wider audience and sell more product to the customers.
  • Website Owners: The keyword research tool is the most powerful tool for website owners. It will help them achieve top rankings for keywords and drive more traffic to their website.
  • Video Marketers: Playtraffic will helps video marketers to open up new sources of traffic and gain more videos for their existing videos as well.
  • Bloggers: Both bloggers and vloggers can utilize the power of this software to rank their videos and get more views. Blogger will particularly benefit by showcasing their content to a wider audience and building more followers.
  • Ecommerce Marketers: Playtraffic helps ecommerce marketers to showcase their products in front of a wider following. This popularizes their product and help them achieve more sales.

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Why Should You Buy Playtraffic Now

Playtraffic is a one of a kind marketing suite for videos. In our Playtraffic Review above, we have discussed how it will benefit different types of marketers along with the features of the software.

The makers of Playtraffic are dedicated to providing a one stop solution to their users which will help their grow their Youtube channels and help them achieve their desired results. We all know that Youtube is the biggest video content place in the world and each and every one of you can harness the power of Playtraffic review to make money. The investment is negligible compared to the profits you and your company can make with this software.

What are you waiting for? Take your videos to the next level with Playtraffic.

Conclusion of Playtraffic Review

I believe that I have covered all the topics in our Playtraffic review which would be of interest to anyone who wants to purchase it. I honestly feel that it is of great value and have seriously help each and every one of us. I would urge you to buy it right now before the price increases. It also comes with a 30-Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee so you can return it and get your money back if you believe it is of no help to you.Get Instant Access

I wish you the very best and hope that you are able significantly improve your work with the help of our Playtraffic review. If Youtube is not your thing, we have also done a review on Nimblepost, a unique fully automated Instragam Scheduler.





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  • Automatic Playlists
  • Keyword Research
  • Schedule Publishing
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Mutli-Channel Support

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