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UPERFECT 7" HD Monitor Display Review

UPERFECT 7″ HD Monitor Display Review

UPERFECT 7" HD Monitor Display




Easy of Use


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As technology continuously improves, everything around grows smaller and sleeker. The reason for this is the huge demand for handy mobile devices which have a small enough footprint to be carried around. Another big reason for this is that with each passing day, technology and our devices get more and more personal.UPERFECT 7" HD Monitor Display ReviewPeople want to be able to carry and keep their devices with them as much as possible. In the internet age of today, as you get more comfortable using these devices, they become more of necessity than a luxury.

Multimedia and entertainment is one of the prime reasons we use these devices for. We are so short on time that we want even the entertainment to be available on-the-go. Uperfect’s portable 7 inch display monitor seems to be custom built for this purpose. Read on for our full-review of the product.



The display looks very much like a tablet PC from the outside. It has plain slate grey design that leaves a lot to be desired. The body is made of aluminium alloy which makes it feel a lot more sturdy. As such, the built quality is decent and it feels solid enough to take a couple of falls without breaking.

The sides house three ports – micro USB, mini HDMI and a headphone jack. There are also buttons on the side for volume up/down, power etc. The device is definitely very portable. It measures just 7 x 4.8 x 0.39 inches and weighs a measly 0.53 lbs.



Novtek Chip Program

The device sports Novtek’s professional display chip program which enhances its process prowess.

Decent Quality Display

The display gives colorful, clear pictures and also provides high brightness and high contrast.

Aluminium Body

The device has an all-aluminum alloy body. This makes the device durable and resistant to breaking during falls.

Micro USB powered

The device powered by a 5V power supply. You can either plus it directly into the socket adapter or power it via a power bank.

HDMI Interfacing

The device has a mini HDMI port which can be used to interface HDMI capable devices such as computers, gaming consoles etc.

IPS Display

The presence of IPS Display technology means there is no color difference and the device can be viewed even from wide angles.

Multiple Device Support

The device supports a wide array of devices such as – Raspberry Pi, Sony Play Station, Microsoft Xbox, Apple Mac, Windows devices etc.

UPERFECT 7" HD Monitor Display Review


Technical Specs

Brand                          Uperfect
Color                           Black
Screen size                  7 inches
Display Resolution      1024×600 (compatible with 1920×1080
Panel Type                   IPS (Full Viewing Angle)
Average Brightness     350cd / m2
Contrast Ratio             1000:1
Interface Types           Micro USB, Mini HDMI
Dimensions                 7 x 4.8 x 0.39 inches
Weight                                    0.53 lb



The device leaves a lot to be desired. Despite the low price tag, there are a lot of holes to be plugged. The display resolution is extremely poor and outdated. It is really difficult to recommend a device to someone when it fails in fulfilling its main purpose.

Moreover, we also do not see the sense in buying a 7 inch monitor when phones these days almost touch that size and you can also obtain low-end tablet PC for that cost. After thoroughly reviewing the device, we feel you are better off spending your money elsewhere and you should skip this one.

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